Welcome to Experience Sake. We are a group of sake enthusiasts, inspired to share to the world the wonders of this Japanese beverage.

From articles demonstrating sake brewing process, to its delicately chosen ingredients, and all the way to different breweries we toured in Japan~ Experience Sake culture site is all about letting you explore this amazing brew!

There is no doubt, sake is an epitome of Japanese craftsmanship. With its delicate taste and aroma, it has certainly owned a spot among alcoholic beverages in most parts of the globe!

In this site, we have provided tips to enjoy sake, and to eventually give you a new and different perspective.

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Tom Inoue

Tom provides lectures about the way to communicate sake internationally at Experience Sake School, and holds cross-cultural events of enjoying sake and Japanese unique culture.

Rie Furukawa

Rie is a certified sake specialist -International Kikisake-shi by SSI International.
Rie loves and enjoys sake and other alcohol beverages for more than 10 years. She actively engages with various stakeholders of sake industry around the globe, trying to convey enjoyable life with sake.

For Japanese <日本の酒業界の方へ>
日本酒は、作り方や分類、楽しみ方の奥深さゆえに世界の方になかなか理解してもらえないのが現状です。Experience Sakeでは、そんな状況を打破すべく、日本酒の素晴らしさ、楽しさを伝えるコンテンツを日々充実させています。