James Parker Sake & Sushi
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James Parker Sake & Sushi, in Perth, AU


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Hello everybody, I am Rie Furukawa, a sake enthusiast, certified sake sommelier (International Kikisake-shi), and an official writer of Experience Sake.
I am now exploring sake communities all over the world. This is the first post of this journey.

Perth, a wonderful city of western Australia, has a popular sake bar, James Parker Sake & Sushi. I am pleased to introduce you to this sake-lovers’ restaurant

Luxurious and spacious restaurant with good atmosphere

I love the luxurious and exotic atmosphere of this restaurant. The ambiance is just right for sitting at a counter with a partner while enjoying Japanese cuisine. You can talk with the chef and watch them make sushi. The spacious dining area is suitable for group dinners, too.

Japes Parker sake&sushi

The manager and the staff are knowledgeable enough to help you select the best sake and food pairing.

Wide range of sake selections

The sake selection is excellent with over 30 varieties of popular sake for both novices and sake enthusiasts. Only a few restaurants in Japan have such a wide range of selections. If you want to explore various flavors of sake, this sake bar is for you. Whether it’s sake that’s sweet/dry, clear/creamy, light/dry, fresh and sour/earthy, you will find it at James Parker Sake & Sushi.

Another plus for this restaurant is that you can buy sake bottles, too. If you are not satisfied with a tiny amount of one shot or 150ml, then buy a 750ml bottle. It’s slightly cheaper than glass per volume.

Japes Parker sake&sushi menu

In this bar, Hakkaisan ($75/720ml) sake is the most popular. Hakkaisan brewery is popular for making sake that matches perfectly with food. It’s light-bodied and very fruity.

Yuki no bousha ($12/50ml) also makes this bar special because it’s rarely found in Australia but it’s very tasty. It’s more aromatic than Hakkaisan, has body, and perfect with flavorful food such as miso-based Japanese food.

Yukino bousha Junmai Ginjo
Japes Parker sake&sushi yuki no bousha

Image Credit:http://www.yukinobousha.jp/ 

Okunomatsu ($10/150ml), one of popular sakes in Australia, is also available here.

Okunomatsu Tokubetsu Junmai
Japes Parker sake&sushi okunomatsu

Image Credit: http://okunomatsu.co.jp/

This store also provide sake with lipped bowl and a small cup, o-choko (read about sake cups for more detail). You can ask for several o-choko cups and share sake with friends that enables you to taste several varieties of sake.

Japes Parker sake&sushi okunomatsu

Authentic Japanese cuisine that uses Australian sea food

This Japanese restaurant takes advantage of the bounty of local sea food. Australian fresh and tasty sea food like salmon ($5) and scampi ($7) match very well with Japanese cooking.
They offer classic Japanese dishes that keep the original taste of Japan. Agedashi tofu ($8), or fried tofu in soup stock, are good examples. It tastes authentic, and its mild and rich flavor will gently stimulate your appetite.

Japes Parker sake&sushi food


The selection of sake: Good
Japanese-style food: Excellent
Atmosphere: Excellent
Staff: Excellent

James Parker Sake & Sushi holds the quality of a top-ranked sake restaurant in Japan. I recommend this for a romantic date or celebrating with friends. The knowledgeable staff and luxurious atmosphere will contribute to a pleasant dining and sake experience.

Japes Parker sake&sushi

James Parker Sake & Sushi
Location : Shop 2, 182 James St, Northbridge WA 6003
Open : Mon – Thu, Sun 5:30pm-10:00pm / Fri, Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm / Tue Closed
HP : http://www.james-parker.com.au/

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