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Mizuya in George Street, Sydney, AU


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Mizuya Japanese resraurant and karaoke is located on the George Street near the City Hall. You may have some images of Japanese restaurants for snobbish or high class cuisine, but this place isn’t like that. You can come here with your friends and enjoy a new experience with sake.

Casual Japanese dining

The interior colors of black and purple, plus the big chandelier create an elegant yet modern atmosphere. It feels like a laidback night club.

Tables are well separated by space and walls, enabling you to have a private dinner time with close friends.

interior of mizuya, sydney

You can also experience unique, tech-oriented Japanese culture here. Instead of asking details about sake and other beverages, an electronic display will explain everything and take your order. Cool.

order panel of mizuya, sydney

Australian sake vs. Japanese sake

Do you know that there is a sake brewery in Sydney? Sake made in Australia is called “Go-shu” in Japanese. “Go” indicates Australia. However, not many restaurants serve this sake in Sydney. But this restaurant does.

Here’s a quick comparison of Go-shu sake (sake made in Australia) and Rihaku (sake made in Japan. First off, Go-shu sake is more expensive but is available in a bigger bottle, usually $24/350ml, while Rihaku sake is usually $18/250ml.

go-shu and rihaku

Both sakes are smooth, light, and dry. Go-shu has a longer after taste than Rihaku, and Rihaku has a slightly richer taste than Go-shu. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Go-shu is bad. It has a natural and pleasant taste on the mouth.

Mizuya serves sake in 250ml and 350ml bottles. Though they don’t serve sake with the beautiful traditional sake bottle, tokkuri, the volume is good enough to share with friends so that you can try several sakes at once.

A selection of Fruit Sake is available

Mizuya serves several fruit sakes like Peach Sake, Orange Sake, Lemon Sake, and Yuzu Sake. Yuzu is one of the Japanese citrus fruits similar to lime. I recommend trying fruit sake if you like sweet alcohol.

Popular Japanese snacks at $6.80

Boiled soybean (edamame), lotus root chips, chicken meatball on skewers, and lamb teriyaki on skewers are available at $6.80. All except lamb are popular snacks for sake.
Lamb is not a typical Japanese food, but it matches well with teriyaki sauce.

japanese snacks

My Chinese friend fell in love with grilled miso cod ($15.80) and grilled miso mackerel ($9.80) shown below. These dishes use Saikyo-miso which is sweeter and less salty than regular miso paste. I recommend it.

grilled fish with miso flavor


The selection of sake: Good
Japanese-style food: Good
Atmosphere: Good
Staff: Not enough

Mizuya is a good place to try several kinds of sake in a lighthearted and fun manner. They also provide various fruit sakes. Enjoying several sakes with affordable snacks in a private, casual dining setting is the kind of experience Mizuya can guarantee.

Location : Basement 614 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Open : Mon – Sun 11:30 a.m. – till late
HP : http://www.mizuya.com.au

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