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Mihana in Crows Nest, Sydney, AU


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Mihana restaurant has the atmosphere that most Japanese ladies would like. It’s relaxing and comfortable. It’s different from western culture, but you will certainly enjoy this unique and cozy place.

Tranquil and nostalgic atmosphere

The restaurant is in a quiet street and looks like a private hideaway. But unlike its calm, chill exterior, the inside is warm and inviting. It has only four table sets, and candle lights create a peaceful atmosphere.

The smell of Traditional Japanese soup stock, dashi, made by bonito fish and sea weed will greet you at the entrance. It’s a sure sign of a quality Japanese restaurant.

There are many sake bottles displayed on the walls and the counter, indicating the master’s love of sake and his good taste.

Selections of sake focus on Aomori, northern Japan

Aomori is the second northernmost prefecture in Japan, and also the birthplace of the restaurant manager. So it’s no wonder why the restaurant’s sake selection features mostly sake from Aomori.

Sake from Aomori is characterized by its rich flavor. Hassen ($11/120ml), the left picture below, has a dry and balanced taste. Its flavor is designed to pair with seafood like calamari. Joppari ($8/120ml) on the center is also dry with a little accent of acidity. Nanbubijin ($10/120ml) is from just south of Aomori, but its fruity aroma and clear taste create elegance in the mouth. Since this sake doesn’t have a strong taste, this can be paired with any kind of food.

Another interesting feature of this restaurant is that you can drink sake with Japanese popular style. Once you order sake, the manager will come and pour sake into a glass cup in a wooden square box called “masu” in Japanese. Sake overflows into the box from the glass, adding another flavor that you may like. You can ask the manager questions about sake and food pairing at this time.

Also, Mihana provides watered-down sake especially to Asians who have alcohol intolerance. A funny point is that this restaurant provides water with Tokkuri, a Japanese traditional bottle of sake.

Home cuisine, but authentic Japanese food

Mihana selects popular Japanese dishes that go well with selected sake.

Spicy fish egg & tofu soup ($14): This is the most popular dish—a creamy hot soup and spicy cod roe is especially best in winter.

Wagyu-beef Tataki with Citrus soy sauce ($10): Tataki is a kind of sashimi, with a slightly grilled surface. The citrus soy sauce adds a refreshing taste to the rich taste of beef, which is really good.

Aburi Eihire, the Grilled Dried Fin rays ($10): This is very common food for sake lovers. They can drink sake for ever if they have this chewy and tasty fin.

Ika no Maruyaki, Grilled Calamari with Teriyaki Sauce ($12): The calamari is imported from Aomori, Japan, the same origin of the sake selections. Needless to say, it pairs effortlessly with these sake.

Dashimaki Tamago, the Rolled Japanese Omelet ($7): It is a mild soy-flavored omelet, the most popular dish in Japanese Izakaya restaurants. You eat this in between other dishes or with sake. Its light taste and soft texture make this the best partner with a variety of food.


The selection of sake: Excellent
Japanese-style food: Excellent
Atmosphere: Excellent
Staff: Good

Mihana restaurant reflects Japanese tastes very well. For those who want to try sake pairings with Japanese cuisine, this is a good place. The beautiful smiling face of the restaurant manager reminds guests of Japanese hospitality, and you will feel relaxed here while enjoying Japanese food and sake.

Location : 32 Falcon Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Open : Mon – Sat : 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. / Sun closed
HP : http://www.mihana.com.au

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