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The Winery in Surry Hills, Sydney, AU


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From the name itself, you wouldn’t think that this is a Japanese restaurant. Although it isn’t, The Winery features compatible pairings of western cuisine and sake. So instead of wine, sake is an alternative choice for you.

Wide variety of tables depending on your occasion

How do you feel today? What are you in the mood for? Is it warm and sunny outside, or chilly and rainy? Are you chatting with your mom friends or out and about with your kids? Are you having a romantic night out with your significant other, or looking forward to a fun, chill weekend with your girlfriends? All of these occasions fit in this restaurant.

If it’s warm, sunny, and bright, sit out in the open garden where you can feel the fresh breeze.

If it’s rainy and chilly, stay comfy indoors while listening to the sound of the rain beating on the windows. Either way, both would be a good reason as any to visit The Winery and enjoy a delicious drink.

Inside, there are comfortable curio sofa seats and tables. They proudly display their wine collection, as you can see by the many bottles along the wall. You can also have wine tasting upstairs.

You will find many strange and quirky items inside and outside. How many birds can you spot in this restaurant? There’s a big peacock, a duck, and some small sized wild birds overhead. There’s also a bike hanging upside-down.

If you can drop by during the daytime on a weekday, you’ll find that The Winery is a relaxing, uncrowded place where you can have a quiet lunch by yourself or with a friend, and gather your thoughts.

Try sake instead of wine

The staff at The Winery are trained efficiently, and this includes serving sake and being attuned to the needs of the customers. They are very knowledgeable, so don’t hesitate to ask about sake. One of the staff explained to me every taste of sake they serve.

I ordered Yoshinogawa ($10/60ml), and the server explained to me that it’s authentic sake and tastes fruity. It came in a wine glass which showed off its aroma nicely. It looks like classy white wine.

Sake cocktail

You can also try special sake cocktails here. The Winery created its own cocktail named “Japanese slip up”, which uses Midori, Yuzu sake, matcha, and lemon. It comes with a Masu, the special wooden square cup with a red and white striped straw. Red and white colors are used for happy occasions in Japan.

The cup has a small card with a message written in English and Japanese. Each design and message is different. It’s fun to check out what your friends got.

Sake is not only for savory dishes, but also for dessert!

Some sakes are fruity or sweet which means they go well with fruit and sweet desserts!

We ordered poached pear soaked in red wine and sorbet citrus jelly ($12). Surprisingly, this went well with fruity Yoshinogawa. The fresh and fruity sake complemented the desert’s sourness and made its sweetness more refreshing.


The selection of sake: Good
Japanese-style food: Not enough ( But the western-style food is excellent!)
Atmosphere: Excellent
Staff: Excellent

I went with my friends during daytime on a weekday and tried sake instead of having coffee. It was a great new experience. Of course, I’m sure that having dinner with western cuisine like steak or pasta would go well with sake here, too. Drinking sake instead of wine would be a wonderful new option for you.

The Winery
Location: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia
Open: Mon – Sun 12pm – 12am
HP: https://www.thekeystonegroup.com.au/venue/the-winery/

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