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Toriciya in Cammeray, Sydney, AU


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In the suburban district of Cammeray, you will find a modest and unassuming restaurant named “Toriciya”. If you are a Japanese foodie in Sydney, I’m sure that you have heard of this restaurant before. It has been loved here for over 25 years.

The Pioneer Izakaya in Sydney

Twenty-five years ago, this restaurant was established for people to enjoy sake and Japanese dishes. Nowadays, you may find Izakaya-style restaurants everywhere in Sydney, but at that time, no one knew what an Izakaya was, let alone where to find one. Toriciya has been loved by many foodies and patrons since they first opened, and they keep coming back again and again.

Keep your favorite sake

Chiyomusubi ($23/180ml) is the popular sake for beginners in Toriciya. Some customers prefer to drink it for dinner as it is clear and fresh, easy to drink, and goes well with any food.

Chiyomusubi is made in Tottori, the southern part of Japan, and it is made from “Gouriki” rice which is permitted to use only in Tottori. Gouriki once disappeared from the market because of difficulties in production. Its reemergence help protect and preserveTottori local food culture.

Dememon ($16/180ml) is also popular in Toriciya. Some customers buy a 1800ml bottle and keep it in Toriciya. They put the name tag on the bottle’s neck and store it on the shelf.

Keeping a bottle in the restaurant is a common style in Japan, but not for sake usually because it is easy to expire. If you want to keep a sake bottle in the restaurant, it would be better to come back for it again soon!

Toriciya is established for Yakitori

Tori in “Tori”ciya means chicken. Yakitori, the grilled chicken dish ($3~4), is so great here especially with a pinch of salt. Not the typical teriyaki sauce in most modern Japanese restaurants. Using teriyaki sauce or soy sauce would be ok, but you will enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients by eating with salt, which would make you a real Japanese Izakaya Foodie.

Homemade pickles ($6) taste light, crisp, and fresh.

Their fried chicken karaage ($14) is juicy and soft. Karaage is one of the popular dishes which guys love. It’s also one of the typical dishes paired with drinks in an Izakaya.

Toriciya is also famous for Toro, the blue fin tuna, and Uni, the sea chestnut which comes from Tukiji, Japan. Many customers order these when they make a reservation.

The day I went to Toriciya, they were all out of Toro and Uni, but I was able to order one ($10) before they ran out. It is meltingly delicious.


The selection of Sake: Excellent
Japanese-style food: Excellent
Atmosphere: Good
Staff: Good

Toriciya made me feel like I was in Japan completely. Yakitori, Karaage, Sashimi…I can’t forget their authentic tastes.

Toriciya was originally owned by the person who owned Sakenet Australia before, but it changed ownership.

There are many authentic Izakayas in Sydney. Although Toriciya is located in an inconvenient location where it takes 10 minutes by taxi from North Sydney station, I still strongly recommend this Izakaya if you want to try authentic Yakitori and a wide variety of sake.

Location: 18 Cammeray Road, Cammeray, NSW 2062, Australia
Open: Tue – Sun 6pm – 10pm
HP: http://www.toriciya.com.au/

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